One Blanket for Your Baby.

One Blanket for a Baby in Need.

What We Believe.

Every baby should have access to a comfortable, safe, and quality baby blanket.

Every time someone like you buys one of our premium baby blankets, we gift a baby blanket to a child in need.

Not All Babies Have What They Need.


-353,000 babies are born each day — four babies per second!

-2,500 babies are born into poverty daily in America.

-Millions of babies are born into extreme poverty in 3rd world countries per day.

We feel that it is our duty to help those in need

For each baby blanket you purchase, a child in need will be given a comforting blanket.

Why Should You Choose This Baby Blanket?

This is the best baby blanket you can buy — here’s why..

Made in the USA

Your new baby blanket is hand crafted right here in the good ‘ole US of A.

Our Blankets are Soft!

Our premium baby blankets are crafted with the perfect fiber blend to comfort the little one that you love.

In Fact, it’s so soft that some mommies wish we made an adult size.

Our Blankets Have a Lifetime Warranty

You can return your premium baby blanket at Any Time for Any Reason and we will exchange it — No Questions Asked.

Babies Love Our Blankets

Your baby will absolutely adore this blanket.

-It’s Luxurious & Comfortable!

-It has a Visually Stimulating Pattern.

-It has Multiple textures for Improved Motor Skills Development.

Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic

Every blanket that we sell is 100% Baby Safe.

Our baby blankets are crafted without harmful toxins.

All babies deserve a safe baby blanket.

Your baby will love our baby blanket.

Hand Crafted Baby Blankets

Your new baby blanket is hand-crafted by people who care.

Our seamstresses perfect each blanket.

Most baby blanket companies use automated machines to make their baby blankets.  Not Us!

We believe that it is important to provide good quality jobs for our valued team members.

Four Soothing Colors

Together We Can Change the World.

Two Blankets at a Time.

You Can  help a baby in need Today.

For each and every baby blanket that you buy we will match with another, providing a baby in need with a high-quality, safe & soft baby blanket.

Machine Washable

Your new baby blanket is designed to be machine washed.

It’s made of ultra-premium fabric and has been stitched to be as durable as possible.

We think the oceans look great Blue.

That’s why we choose to be Green.

We keep it simple.

Your new baby blanket is environmentally-friendly —  we ship using minimalistic packaging.

We believe in all three “R’s” of conservation: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

We print on recycled paper only.

Every thing that we print including the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

See What Some of Our SpokesMoms Have to Say…

SpokesMom Savanna

SpokesMom Savanna

I love this baby blanket. It is super soft and comfortable. My son Brady absolutely adores it, he snuggles up with it all the time.

SpokesMom Cheyenne

SpokesMom Cheyenne

Both my kids love their baby blankets. Maylee, is so proud that she helped a less fortunate baby.

SpokesMom Sarah

SpokesMom Sarah

I absolutely love this baby blanket.  Rori cuddles with her blanket almost everyday!  I just bought a new one for my soon to be born son, I know he will love his new baby blanket too!

SpokesMom Renee

SpokesMom Renee

I just got my new baby blanket in the mail. I love the eco-friendly packaging and the blanket is so soft. I wish more companies would follow suit and become more socially responsible just like TwoBlankets.

Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How Much is Shipping?

A: Shipping is always free.

Q: How soft is this baby blanket.

A: Our premium baby blanket is made with one of the softest fibers on earth. You will not find a softer baby blanket.

Q: Is the baby blanket made with any harmful chemicals?

A: No, our premium baby blanket is made with ONLY baby safe materials.

Q: How big is the baby blanket?

A: Our premium baby blanket is 29”x30” (100cmx100cm)

Q: Is the baby blanket machine washable?

A: Yes, our blanket is designed to be washed in the washing machine.

Q: Can I choose which charity my baby blanket is donated to?

A: We work with many different charities in order to help babies in need, but many larger charities do not accept non-cash donations. If you know of a charity that needs baby blankets, please contact us to let us know. If you would like updates on our charitable donations and achievements, you can sign up for our newsletter.

Q: What color and style options does the baby blanket come in?

A: All of our premium baby blankets have one side that is gray and the other side is decorated with a chevron pattern available in four color schemes; pink, blue, yellow and gray.

Q: What is the warranty?

A: All of our premium baby blankets come with a full Lifetime Warranty. We will glady exchange your baby blanket for a new one for any reason. Simply ship us the old one and we will send you out a brand new blanket. Please contact us for any exchanges here.

Q: Is owned by some huge multi-national company?

A: No, we are a family owned and operated business located in sunny Arizona.

Authentic Baby Blanket

Each premium  baby blanket comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

The certificate that you will receive will have your baby blanket’s unqiue serial number, our official seal and will be hand signed.

We recently took a trip down to a small town in Mexico to give away some baby blankets. View some pictures and read more in the other tabs.

We had a small batch of baby blankets which we wanted to donate. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to get a big-name charity to work with you for small quantity donations.

We decided to take charitable matters into our own hands. Picking a small town in Mexico that we could drive to from our home office in Phoenix, AZ, we spent two days and one night handing out baby blankets to children in need.

Along the way, we saw some great scenery and made many new friends. We stayed in a small local motel, an incredible experience in itself! The people who ran the motel were very welcoming, helping us to find children in need of baby blankets.

It was a heart-warming experience, and we can’t wait to give away more blankets! There is no better feeling in the world than seeing a small child’s eyes light up when they get their new blanket.


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